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Level one - RCT study Poster 2011 Gottrup, F.,
et al.
Comparative clinical study to show the combined mode of action of collagen/ORC/silver in controlling bioburden and modulating the wound microenvironment to promote healing

Level one - RCT study



Gottrup, F., et al.

A randomized controlled trial on collagen/oxidized regenerated cellulose/silver vs best standard of care

Clinical Article 2010 Harding, K.,
et al.
Health Economics: utilizing advanced care wound products for clinical and cost effectiveness




Cullen, B., et al.

Early adoption of collagen/ORC in both venous leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers

Clinical / in vitro Poster 2010 Cullen, B.,
et al.
In vitro and clinical data demonstrating the ability of collagen/ORC/silver to overcome the hostile chronic wound environment
Clinical / in vitro / ex vivo Poster 2011 Cullen, B.,
Silcock, D.
Evidence for collagen/ORC therapies - in vitro, ex vivo and in clinical practice
In vitro Poster 2013
Simmons, R.,
et al.
Effect of collagen/ORC/silver-ORC on bacterial proteases
In vitro Poster 2011 Gibson, M.,
et al.
Rebalancing the wound environment using a collagen/ORC/silver dressing
In vitro Poster 2011 Gibson, M.,
et al.
An in vitro model to evaluate the ability of collagen/ORC/silver to reduce inflammatory protease activity compared with other dressings
In vitro Poster


Cullen, B.,
et al.
ORC/Collagen matrix containing silver controls bacterial bioburden while retaining dermal cell viability
Case study Article 2013


Using PROMOGRAN/PROMOGRAN PRISMA in wounds with elevated protease activity: CASE STUDIES
Case study Article 2010 Brennan, P. PROMOGRAN PRISMA and TIELLE dressing on a donor site
Product review Article 2010 Cullen, B.,
Ivins, S.
 In Vitro Article 2009 Gibson, D.,
et al.
MMPs made easy

In Vitro

Poster 2011 Gibson, M., et al. Modulating inflammation in chronic wounds with collagen/ORC/silver































































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1. Gottrup, F. et al. Randomized controlled trial on collagen/oxidized regenerated cellulose/silver treatment. Wound Rep Reg 2013, 21:1-10

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