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Sloughy wound
Sloughy material is a mixture of dead wound tissue and generally seen as detrimental for the healing process. This substance can present as yellow, grey or brownish deposits.

Refer to infection section if antimicrobial therapy is considered necessary.

Treatment aim
Debride/remove sloughy tissue, manage exudate and consider antimicrobial therapy if appropriate.

Dressing options
• Create a moist wound healing environment to stimulate autolysis
• Hydrogel amorphous for cavities using a secondary dressing
• Consider antimicrobial therapy if appropriate

Let’s HealTM solution:

Primary dressing:

  • NU-GEL Hydrogel with Alginate Refer to Infection section if antimicrobial therapy is considered necessary

Secondary dressing:

In venous ulcers:

C1782 Feb 2014
PRB code 3454

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