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ACTISORBSilver 220folding technique
ACTISORBSilver 220has been shown in PEG sites to reduce:

  • MRSA colonisation
  • Infection
  • Over-granulation

ACTISORBSilver 220can also be used on :

  • Difficult areas (e.g. suprapubic catheter)
  • Tracheotomy sites

The19x10cm size can be rolled into a tube and wrapped around the peg

The devices shown in the video are skin level and catheter
Do not cutACTISORBSilver 220.
It can be folded, easily packed and rolled to fit all indicated wound needs


1.Leak, 2002. PEG sites infections: a novel use for Actisorb Silver 220. British Journal of Community Nursing, Vol 7, No 6

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ACTISORB Silver 220

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